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Welcome To Top-TE!

A Unique Manual Traffic Exchange Rank Directory And Downline Builder

Top 10 Build. Advertise. Rank. Socialize.

Top-TE was built from scratch as a solution to the cookie-cutter manual traffic exchange ranking programs and standard downline builders. What makes our program different is that you, the surfer, determine the ranks through activity, voting and reviews.

Top-TE Is A Ranking System Centralized Around Surfer Activity And Feedback...

Traffic exchange owners will have access to exclusive features once their exchange is ranked as well. A simple process allows you to claim ownership and you are ready to give your program a competitive edge and clarity to the surfers.

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How It Works


Our unique ranking system is based on a score comprised of three factors:

  1. Unique Surfer Views (1 point per view)
  2. Total Member Ratings (Rating x 100)
  3. Verified Ownership (+500 points)


We have the largest traffic exchange downline builder around. Refer just one person to Top-TE and potentially build dozens of downlines from one active member.

Our referral integrity is strict and all of your hop links are yours, if you have entered your ID.


Another unique feature is our Chat on Splash system. Each chat post has your profile linked with any social media profiles you have entered. Get personal with our private message or private chat (whisper) system.

Collect Tags while surfing or trade on the marketplace.

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